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  • Tafseer Halqas and Translation (The Clear Quran)
  • Qiyam Al Layl with Guest Imams
  • Taste Of Ramadan
  • Eid-Ul-Fitr Prayers @ Charles Daley Park
  • Community Dinners & Iftars
  • QF - Africa Mission Trip
  • Bridge Of Hope - Interfaith Partnership

Latest News & Events

Feb 2017

World Hijab Day 2017 - February 1st

Asalaam Alaiykum, It is with great pleasure that the Qamer Foundation and the Islamic Society of St
Jan 2017

Mosque and church building bridges together

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Nov 2016

Fundraising Dinner for Niagara Community Center

Fundraising Dinner for Niagara Community Center 6:00 - 9:00 PM Friday DEC 02, 2016 @ Holilday Inn, P
Mar 2015

Myths of Muslim Women

Some eye-opening information about women in Islam Read the Full Article
Mar 2015

Dr. Sahin One of the First Muslims in Niagara

Article published by The Standard Read the full article.
Mar 2015

Muslims: Imam Dispels Stereotypes

Imam Mustafa Khattab tries to dispel the sterotypes that are currently surrounding Muslims. Read the
Mar 2015

Niagara's Muslims Fight Racism With Education

Article published by The Standard. Read the full article.
Feb 2015

A Symposium to Bridge a Divide

Article published by The Standard Read the full article.
Jan 2015

Violence Is Never the Answer

Article published in The Standard. Read the full article

Masjid An-Noor endeavours to meet the spiritual, social, and educational needs of the diverse Muslim community. The mosque has been committed to fostering interfaith relations and building bridges of understanding with other faith communities in the city.

The mission of the ISSC is to help members of the Muslim community achieve success as Canadian citizens while preserving a strong Muslim identity and contributing to the prosperity of the larger community.


Gary Millen

I hate to say this but I even learned a little about my Christian pass from this pamphlet. ... In closing I would like to say well done and thank you for reaching out to us all, God bless.

Gary Reinsch

I would encourage all - regardless of personal faith and/or thoughts about Islam and Muslims to read it. This is a great idea and should clarify many topics for those who do not follow Muhammad's (PBUH) teachings for their own religious guidelines!  ... I myself am not a follower of Islamic tradition (I am an Atheist). ... Islam is often misrepresented in the media and overall (in my own opinion) - mostly due to ignorance.

Robert Wight

(The Islam Phamphlet)

I would like to congratulate you for spreading this pamphlet. You have clarified what we have not known or understood. This message will bring peace to our world, peace that Muhammad (PBUH) brought to all. This has deeply increased my understanding and respect for Islam. Thank you.


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