There is strength in unity and each individual member is important. If we all strive together, we can make a difference. Let us work together as one body with faith and integrity. Participate in building a better future for your children and generations to come.
Any Muslim living in Canada may become a member of ISSC.

● Membership is $15 per person for the whole year, a family of more
than 4 persons pays a maximum of $60 per year. That’s $1.25 a
month or 5¢ a day. It’s really less than a cup of coffee a month.
Some benefits of becoming a registered member:-
● Make an intention of Sadaqa jariah inshAllah
● The mosque needs a steady source of income to maintain itself and
serve the entire community in a nice and clean environment
● It reflects our strength and solidarity
● Our child(ren) benefit from the free mosque events, programs and
various youth activities.
● Nominate & vote for board members during ISSC elections.
● Get support and recommendation letters as well as community
volunteer hours.
● Members can rent the upstairs hall for a discounted price for their
events (Aqiqa, Nikah, Weddings, Waleemah, etc…)
● Sign up to be a part of the mailing list so you are always informed
about any events or programs taking place at ISSC via email.
● Any donation made will automatically renew membership if requested